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Transportable medical hospital "2S" was created to save life in emergency situations during natural disasters. The name "2S" is an abbreviation that means "to save", and also refers to two main solutions that this hospital provides: medical care such as emergency rooms, a lab, and patient rooms. The medical hospital is a modular system that can be easily build in any area using several modules. Modules can be transported by truck or airplane.
The medical hospital includes solar panels on the roof which help generate energy. The roof of the modules are inclined so that the rainwater can easily get to the ground.

Strategy: Definition of the Problem & Solution

Interaction Design:  Installation Process

Modular system consists of several modules that have the same box structure but slightly different unfolding variations. The medical hospital icludes different sections (emergency rooms, reception, laboratory, stock room
for medicine, cafe, and bedrooms for patients.)


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